New Principal at the National College of Ciencias Cusco

Nuevo director del Colegio Ciencias Cusco

A note has been published on a portal dedicated to news about the National College of Ciencias Cusco in which they report the following news. It is that apparently from the first day of January 2020 there will be a new director general at the Glorious National College of Ciencias. Professor Berly Ramiro Ocampo Marín will be the new person in charge of guiding the destiny of the glorious Cusco squad. The note indicates the following:

A new Principal has been elected to the Glorious National College of Ciencias Cusco. Professor Berly Ramiro Ocampo Marín, who was elected through the reallocation process, will be in charge of the General Directorate of the National College of Sciences from January 1, 2020. The new director will be responsible for directing the fate of the first school in Peru, which was recognized as “Glorious” by the Congress of the Republic.

It is expected that the work of the new director, Berly Ramiro Ocampo, is neat and goes hand in hand with the interests of the Glorious Campus, as well as his students and alumni, who are the main support and the reason for being this centenary educational institution . We vote, then, to improve the quality of education, as well as academic services and everything related to the improvement of this institution.

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