New confirmed cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in Cusco – Peru

Nuevos casos de coronavirus COVID-19 en Cusco

COVID-19 coronavirus cases have been raised to three (03) in Cusco. Two German tourists between 30 and 40 years of age have been confirmed as carriers of the COVID-19 coronavirus and are in isolation in Cusco; However, these tourists were in Cusco four days ago, and they made their tourist tours, so now more than ever they are required to keep their homes in Cusco waiting without causing panic. The following was published on the official website of the Regional Government of Cusco:

At a press conference held in the afternoon today, Regional Governor Jean Paul Benavente García, accompanied by the Director of the Regional Directorate of Health, reported that in Cusco there have been two more cases of people who have acquired the coronavirus (COVID 19), a fact that unfortunately forces us to duplicate efforts to enforce the recommendations given by the local and national authorities in an effort to cope with this situation that causes us to be in a state of emergency.

The two cases that are presented making a total of 3, are foreigners who are currently in quarantine, already counting on the laboratory where they can already carry out the examinations and carry out the corresponding screening, thus avoiding sending Lima to know if they are positive or not, “what is being done is that the curve does not continue to rise, on the contrary it is attenuated until it can be banished and that will be achieved only with great responsibility and seriousness,” said the regional authority, always invoking not to spread panic, but rather stay alert and stay home.

For his part, the health official reiterated that there are already 3 cases in Cusco, having acted promptly, so the patients are in treatment and the environment that could have been infected is isolated and without any contact, thus preventing its spread , adding to the recommendations to stay at home and practice the actions known to all.

Benavente García also reported that he continues to insist on the construction of an emergency hospital, and is currently in the stage of topographical studies of the land where it could be built, the study of soils, among other technical requirements, “as soon as the construction is completed This hospital, which now becomes our first priority, will be making itself known to the population, meanwhile we will continue working on that objective, ”he reiterated.

Finally, he called on the population to act demonstrating solidarity with others and to do so, just think that the behavior they have will be for their own safety and the care of others, “stay at home, only that we ask you, so You will help us ”, said Jean Paul Benavente García, visibly moved with the situation that the whole world has been facing.

Statement # 8 Cusco regional government

New cases of coronavirus in Cusco

The Regional Government of Cusco through the Regional Health Directorate, in relation to the D.S. 008-2020-SA, which declares a national health emergency in relation to the coronavirus, reports the following:

FIRST.- To date in the city of Cusco, 91 samples have been taken from suspected cases; Of which, 69 results have been negative for the disease and 02 new cases of coronavirus have been reported, adding a total of 03 positive cases within the city of Cusco. It should also be noted that there are 19 samples pending response.

SECOND.- Stay at home, comply with the obligatory social isolation, only in this way will we stop the spread of the coronavirus.

THIRD.- The world health organization has indicated that the use of masks is not necessary to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, the most important thing is to wash hands for at least 20 seconds every time it is necessary.

FOURTH.- If you have a flu or a cold, stay calm, rest at home and drink plenty of fluids, it is not necessary to go to a health facility.

FIFTH.- In case you have a fever, cough and shortness of breath, call 084 – 216464, 989614618 and 944753780 or go to the nearest health facility.


Cusco, March 18, 2020.

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