Neighbors find the corpse of a police officer who worked in the Qencoro prison

Asesinan a policia en Cusco Miguel Angel Rozas Huamanñahui

The deputy PNP officer Miguel Angel Rozas Huamanñahui (25), who worked at the Qencoro Men’s Penitentiary Center, was found dead on the morning of last Wednesday, February 17, 2021, a few meters from his home, located in the Alto urbanization. The Incas. After the fact, his work colleagues came to the place to investigate what happened to the agent.

The unfortunate event occurred at 7:00 a.m., near the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega passage. Neighbors reported the presence of a corpse lying on the public highway.

PNP General Augusto Ríos, head of VII Macropol Cusco, confirmed that it was Miguel Angel Rozas Huamanñahui; Thus, he declared that: “According to the autopsy, he has a gunshot wound to the thorax. The policeman was serving in the Qencoro Prison, however, on the day of the event he was in full blame ”.

According to the newspaper Correo: “Personnel from the Tahuantinsuyo Police Station, arrived to said sector to isolate and cordon off the scene, experts from the Criminalistics Office and the forensic doctor proceeded to carry out the respective expertises, while the representative of the Public Ministry ordered the order proceedings and the removal of the body ”.

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