Lightning kills three people and injures two others in Cusco

Rayo mata a tres personas en cusco

A yunza ended in tragedy due to bad weather. A group of young people celebrating carnivals were struck by lightning, resulting in the death of three of them, while two others were injured. This fact was registered in the province of Pitumarca, belonging to the province of Acomayo.

The Qenter hill is the place chosen, for some years, by young people to celebrate carnivals. This place is on the way to the Waqrapukara Archaeological Complex. Already in the area, the weather suddenly changed, initiating a heavy rain, which was later accompanied by an electrical storm.

The group of young people was struck by lightning, which killed the brothers David and Cristhian Huerse Collantes, and their friend José Huamán Charalla. The two young men who survived were Noel Alcca and a 17-year-old minor, who went looking for help, informing the authorities.

The two survivors were helped to the Sangarará Health Center. After the fact was communicated to the representative of the Public Ministry, the bodies were placed in the Acomayo Health Center.

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