Forest fires have already taken a life in Cusco

Incendio forestal en checacupe cobró una vida

A 13-year-old boy lost his life in a forest fire in Checacupe, in which, in addition, 3 other people were seriously injured. The information was confirmed by the director of the Office of Risk Management and Security Ing. Fermat Vargas Valencia.

The Regional Governor of Cusco Jean Paul Benavente said that: “Despite the strenuous efforts that have been made by Risk Management, Civil Defense, Fifth Mountain Brigade, Fire Company, provincial and district municipalities, unfortunately the forest fires continue what it is already causing the loss of a human life, ”said Regional Governor Jean Paul Benavente García, while expressing his condolences to the bereaved.

In a note on the official website of the Regional Government of Cusco they indicated that: By making a call for sensitization to the residents who are urged to put aside this ancestral practice of burning pastures and pastures, which then cause fires, the Regional official said that the GORE continues to assist the brigade members and personnel involved in the suffocation work, who are continually provided with water, refreshments, fire extinguishers, gloves, helmets, spikes, shovels among others, having also provided that the Health Directorate and the establishments that comprise it, are on yellow alert for any emergency situation.

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