Floods in Cusco region of Peru leave families affected and missing

Huaicos en La Convención deja familias damnificadas y desaparecidos

Large-scale floods have left destruction in their wake in the province of La Convencion, in the town of the Chaupimayo Basin (sector B) and other areas surrounding the city of Quillabamba. The intense rains have already been causing huaicos in different areas of the province of La Convencion, during January and February, such as Echarati, Santa Ana and others.

The avalanche was registered at 5:00 in the morning, Tuesday, February 16, 2021. This huaico destroyed crops, homes and even the school in the Cocabambilla and Pacpachayoc areas.

In the district of Santa Ana in Quillabamba the authorities reported one person dead and seven missing. The severity has been such that the population has requested support from the authorities of the Cusco Regional Government and the Regional Emergency Operations Center COER.

In Santa Ana, the huaico destroyed 12 homes, leaving their occupant families affected. There are residents who have not been able to locate their relatives since the avalanche occurred.

In the city of Quillabamba, the river overflowed, in the Sambaray area, blocking the road that leads to Echarate. The overflow devastated the place known as Villa Cariño. The head of Civil Defense of the District Municipality of Echarati, Fredy Ninaja, said that several events occurred in that town, but three are the most serious: the damage to the Echarati bridge, in the Miraflores area, in Pacpachayoc and Sambaray. “There are damaged and affected houses. They are working with brigades to help those affected in these areas “

List of missing

  • Evangelino Ancca Uñanguari (56)
  • Zayda Lusbenia Quispe (27)
  • David Q. A. (11)
  • Marina Yanguri Titto (54)
  • Milagros G. Y. (12)
  • Maria G. Y. (15)
  •  Fortunati Gutierrez Huilllca (77)

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