CUSCO | Espinar celebrates national holidays of Peru with the flag of Austria

Espinar celebra fiesta patria con la bandera de austria

An affront to the national symbols; In full national holidays, the city of Espinar is adorned with Austrian flags. Through these social networks, these images showing Espinar square adorned with flags that have three horizontal strips of identical width are being viralized, the sequence of colors descending is red, white and red; characteristics that correspond to the flag of the Republic of Austria.

The characteristics of the flag of Peru is that it is divided into three bands in vertical position with the same size, the two that are on the left and right sides are red, and the central one is white. This is known from school, so we do not understand how this mistake could be made.

Cecilia Chacón celebra triunfo de Perú ante Chile con la Bandera de Austria

Recently we were able to observe on social networks how the congresswoman of Fuerza Popular, Cecilia Chacón, celebrated Peru’s victory over Chile with the Austrian flag, now the mistake repeats monumentally. It is a shame what is happening with culture and education in our country.

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