COVID-19 cases increase in Cusco

Casos de covid en Cusco 2021

A few days after the beginning of February, Cusco has already registered an increase in cases of contagion with COVID-19, so far in 2021 there have been 254 deaths and 8,799 confirmed cases. What draws the attention of the authorities is the increase in the population of those under 30 years of age, since 31.7% of infections correspond to this age group.


DIRESA (Regional Health Directorate) Cusco has submitted a report in which it is clarified that 50,615 tests have been processed so far. When doing the analysis by province, the province of Cusco concentrates 4,487 cases of contagion, while the convention with 1,628 cases is in second place in cases in Cusco. Chumbivilcas has 546 confirmed cases, Canchis has 467 cases, Espinar with 318, Quispicanchi has 302 cases, Urubamba: 290, Anta: 236, Calca: 157, Paucartambo: 57, Canas: 46, Paruro: 41 and Acomayo 39 cases.

The highest concentration of deceased belongs to the group “over 30 years old” with 251 deceased; while, the group under 30 only has 3 deaths. On the other hand, as for the deceased so far in 2021, most are in the province of Cusco (see detailed table).


Cusco demands 500 thousand doses of vaccines from the Central Government

In this scenario, the regional governor Jean Paul Benavente, asked the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Claudia Cornejo, to send 500 thousand doses of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2, to be supplied to 250 thousand people in the coming months.

This request was made in the framework of meetings that the representative of the executive carries out in Cusco seeking economic solutions and economic reactivation. Governor Jean Paul Benavente pointed out that vaccines should be prioritized for those on the front lines of the fight against this pandemic.

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