23 people die in Marcapata in Cusco

This morning an interprovincial bus in the Marcapata area, at a time when the Bus was circulating in the transoceanic route between Puerto Maldonado and Cusco; falling to an abyss more than 100 meters deep, resulting in the death of 23 people, according to initial information from the National Police of Peru. The Bus would belong to the Palomino International Express transport company, a company that was suspended for 30 days.

The accident has been investigated. According to information from the newspaper “La República”: Due to the lack of mobile phone coverage in the area, the bus failure could not be immediately communicated. In fact, the accident was reported more than an hour later by the mayor of Camanti, Sebastián Velásquez, who was traveling through the place with a delegation.

After the alert, ambulances from nearby medical posts, firefighters and police emergency units were mobilized. It is estimated that more than 30 people intervened in the operation.

A striking fact was that one of the trucks that transferred the rescue personnel also crashed. This occurred about 48 kilometers from the place where the bus was damaged.

Although the second vehicle was damaged after a rollover, it was reported that the occupants only finished with minor blows.

Already in the morning, while the first search and rescue actions were being carried out, the Police reported that the incident had left at least 10 people dead and more than 14 wounded, out of approximately 45 passengers.

After 8 pm, the Second Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Quispicanchi continued to carry out the legal proceedings, so the identity of the majority of the deceased was still unknown. On the causes of the tragedy, Mayor Velasquez said that there was no rain or fog at the scene of the accident and that the road was in good condition, so he considered that a possible damage to the bus or a “human fault should be investigated. “

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