Court of Justice issues 8 months of preventive detention against Edwin Licona

Edwin Licona con 8 meses de prisión preventiva el heraldo de cusco noticias

Edwin Licona Licona, will face his judicial process behind bars. This afternoon, the Specialized Court for Corruption of Officials in charge of magistrate Carlos Román Gil, handed down 8 months of preventive detention against former Governor Edwin Licona Licona and Ms. Janet Castro Chura.

Moments ago at 6:25 p.m. his defense lawyer finished up the request for an appeal; meanwhile, Edwin Licona was transferred to the Qenccoro Prison. The former regional authority is prosecuted for the crimes of collusion, embezzlement, bribery, among others. During his tenure, Licona would have paid 11 million 399 thousand 362 soles to 19 companies for the supposed work of river decolonization, when the entities did not perform any work. The complaint was made in March 2016. Now we have to wait until the fiscal investigations and the judicial process against Edwin Licona, another former governor from Cusco in prison, are finished.

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