Congress of Peru grant the title of “Glorious” and “First Educational Institution” to the Ciencias College

Today May 16, 2019 was approved in the plenary session of the Congress of the Republic with 72 votes in favor of the bill of 1387/2016-CR initiative of Congressman Armando Villanueva of Popular Action, which grants the title of “Glorious” to the Ciencias National College of Science and Arts of Cusco (only called Ciencias) and recognizes it as “First Educational Institution”. In the Congress were present the director of the Glorioso Plantel, representatives of the former students, as well as the escort who received the greeting of the congressman from Cusco. This is an important decision for all students and alumni of the Glorious Ciencias National School of Sciences of Cusco, whose history is the very history of the republic. The press release that was published today at noon by the Congress of the Republic, dictates the following:

In order to grant him the title of "Glorious" and recognize him as "First 
Educational Institution" to the College of Cusco of Sciences and Arts, 
known as the National College of Sciences of Cusco, the Plenary Session of 
the Congress approved with 72 votes the bill 1387/2016-CR initiative of the 
congressman Armando Villanueva. 

The legislators of the Cusco region, Rebeca Cruz (APP), Wilbert Rozas (FA), 
Edgar Ochoa (NP) did not hesitate to recognize the importance of the norm 
that the school was founded on July 1, 1619 by Don Francisco de Borja who 
authorized the Company of Jesus the creation of the San Bernardo school now 
called Sciences.

Cruz noted that the school has contributed to the country as a center of 
Historical-military studies with 400 years of work. 

Armando Villanueva greeted the escort, alumni and director present at the 
gallery of Parliament because they represent, he said, to the generation of 
future leaders of the country who honor illustrious alumni of the 
institution such as Agustín Gamarra and Serapio Calderón, former 
presidents; Y Alejando Velasco Astete, aviator.

Rozas acknowledged that 14 battalions defended the sovereignty of Cusco 
with students, teachers, parents and director of the school before the War 
with Chile, as well as the trophies that the Cienciano football team has 
that emerged through this school. 


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