Central Bank presents the New Peruvian banknotes

Nuevos billetes peruanos

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru BCRP has just launched, via YouTube and all its social networks, the new Peruvian banknotes that will be part of the new banknote family. On their website you can read the informative note in which they indicate the characters that our new national banknotes will have, who have significantly influenced art, literature, history and science in Peru.

These characters are: María Isabel Granda and Larco (Chabuca Granda) on the 10 soles bill, José María Arguedas on the 20 soles bill, María Rostworowski on the 50 soles bill, Pedro Paulet on the 100 soles bill and Tilsa Tsuchiya the 200 soles bill.

Below is the standard, circular and official posters of the BCRP. Tell us in the comments what you think about the new banknotes and the new characters.

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