Carlos Velaochaga Dam, an anthropologist who contributed much to the intellectual culture of Cusco, died

Carlos Velaochaga Dam falleció en Cusco

He died in the city of Cusco, Carlos Velaochaga Dam, anthropologist of the Catholic University, and a successful exponent and understanding of the idiosyncrasy of the Andean man and the whole worldview of this and his deities, was born in Lima, but lived a few years there, as he said it in an interview years ago, he needed the clear sky and the sun, that is why he sought in the mountains of Peru what the Lima sky denied him.

Finishing his university studies, he comments that he wanted to look for the sources of Peruvian identity, and that desire brought him to Cusco, he studied Quechua, and in his stay in the imperial city he witnessed that over the years interest in what Inca and all that it contains increased, but at the same time it also distressed the departure of society to our Inca roots, Peruvians who give more value to the foreigner, adopting words and customs in a clear alienation (loss of identity national).

The work of his authorship, “The least common of the senses” published in 1999, is a compilation of articles he wrote before staying in Cusco, and is a criticism of the lack of use of common sense, which for Carlos Velaochaga is another typical Peruvian problem.

In his book “Psychology and Religion. An Anthropological Vision” published in 2007 shows the particular approach of anthropology to understand the role of religions in societies. Where, for Velaochaga, psychology has now replaced the role played by the priest or spiritual guide, but what still does not change is the need for man to seek advice.

The decedent also participated and contributed in some way to tourism in Cusco, was a guide three decades ago where knowing the benefits of the city did not cost as much as now, and touring the Inca Trail was free, was a teacher in Cenfotur, and contributed to sector with a more intellectual vision than business, explaining the phenomena that the change of mentality of the tourist brings with the passing of the years.

It is an unfortunate loss for the society of Cusco and Peru in general the departure of Carlos Velaochaga Dam, but his legacy and teachings are still reflected in his only two books and in the minds of people who knew him personally.

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