Before the agrarian strike, the PNP deploys protection measures for tourists in Cusco

In view of the agrarian strike called for Monday, May 13, by the National Convention of Agro Peruano (Conveagro), the Regional Office of Trade and Tourism of Cusco (Dircetur), the National Police, Public Ministry and the Tourist Protection Network, take preventive measures to safeguard the safety of tourists who visit Cusco and its attractions, in situations of violence that could arise from this measure of force.

Free access to the Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport is guaranteed and will be protected by the PNP, and this will have a schedule if the situation warrants it, as well as the buses that provide tourist transport service will be in the obligation to transport tourists that require the service during the stoppage.

In Machu Picchu, the passage to the Hydroelectric Power Plant will be restricted to the public, and it is advisable not to go along the Valle Sur, Pisaq and Ollantaytambo routes as the security is not guaranteed by the Police.

Regarding the agricultural strike

This agrarian strike will be carried out in more than 10 regions of Peru, and it is consequently by not having an agreement with the State in their demands that they pose, “the lack of policies and programs on behalf of the Government that defend the interests of more than three million agricultural producers, “the Conveagro statement alleges.

They also demand the enactment of the Family Farming Law (AF), which would allow, among other benefits, to claim 10% of the budget that regional and local governments invest in agriculture. In the same way they seek that the Government defend the national production of the same products that are imported from abroad, and improve the agricultural production policies in Peru.

Finally, raising your voice in protest against an unjust situation is a right that is guaranteed by the Constitution, demonstrating that we live in a democratic country where all voices are heard, but if the border of legal protest is violated, to lose a just cause that can not be supported, the right of one ends where the right of the other begins!

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