Ayaviri schoolchildren lose their lives in accident in Cusco

In an unfortunate traffic accident on the Cusco – Urcos highway, in the Huacarpay sector, three escolare and four adults lost their lives, the accident occurred at averaging 4:15 in the morning, leaving seven dead and more of 33 seriously injured. According to Corroe newspaper, “The B7G-962 license plate bus departed from Puno in the direction of the imperial city of Cusco. In the vehicle, 20 children of the promotion were traveling, some accompanied by their parents and a teacher from an educational institution in the province of Ayaviri, Puno region ”.

Speaking to RPP News, PNP commander Fidel Gazaniga Garrido, head of the Highway Protection Unit, reported that so far there are 7 deaths (including five adults and two minors) and an estimated 30 injured.

He also explained that the bus of the company Power transferred 31 students of the Educational Institution “Child Jesus of Prague” of Ayaviri. At the moment the identities of the mortal victims are unknown.

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