At least 5 university students died after falling from a fourth floor at the University of Bolivia

5 estudiantes bolivianos muertos

At least five students died this Tuesday, March 2, when they fell from a fourth floor after a railing broke at the Public University of El Alto (UPEA) in Bolivia. There are at least 3 students injured.

The young people attended an extraordinary student assembly, which was called by the Student Center, a meeting that led to protests and shoves that caused the railing to give way.

In his Twitter account, Carlos Eduardo del Castillo del Carpio, Minister of Government of Bolivia, published: “So far we have the report of 5 dead people and 3 people in intensive care after what happened in UPEA facilities”

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This is the video of the precise moment of the accident:

As reported by the newspaper El Comercio:

The minister ordered the Police Commander, Jhonny Aguilera, to go to the educational center to make a report on the situation.

Among the deceased there are two women and a man, while the students who were injured have already been transferred to hospitals with a reserved prognosis.

In a statement, the Public University of El Alto regretted the “fortuitous accident” and pointed out that the “fact is under investigation by the Bolivian Police”, in addition, the authorities of the educational center also “have instructed an internal investigation”.

From different sectors, it is questioned why more than 60 students were allowed to crowd on a single floor, without the distancing and biosecurity measures due to the pandemic, and under what conditions said student assembly was allowed.

In the building of the Business Administration career the student assembly was held in which financial issues were discussed with which there were some disagreements that caused the students’ claims and confrontations were presented.

In several videos that circulate on social networks, students are seen crowded together protesting in the corridors that lead to a room, where the assembly was held, moments before one of the railings gave way and the eight young people fell from the fourth floor.

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