Arrest 18-month detention against former mayor Susana Villarán

Judge Jorge Chávez Tamariz ordered 18 months of preventive detention against the former mayor of Lima, Susana Villarán. This afternoon, the measure requested by prosecutor Carlos Puma was issued in the framework of the investigation being carried out against Villarán for the contributions of Brazilian construction companies Odebrecht and OAS to the campaign of NO to the revocation in 2013 and reelection the following year. The aforementioned judge indicated “… finally for all of this I resolve the following. ‘I declare the Public Prosecutor’s order based, as a consequence, I would take the restrictive measure of the right to personal freedom of appearance with restrictions, and the preventive detention of Susana Villarán del Carmen de la Puente for the crimes of conspiracy to commit a crime, passive bribery and money laundering in tort of the state for a period of 18 months’, communicating in the act to the judicial police to execute the measure … “.

Villarán’s lawyer filed appeals against the judge, who declared the request of the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office well founded. On the RPP news portal reported that: “During the hearing the prosecutor Ángela Zuloaga Bayes exposed the new evidence handled by the Public Prosecutor to justify the change of the restricted appearance that the former mayor had to date for the preventive detention. For his part, Iván Paredes, Villarán’s lawyer, avoided refuting these arguments and only limited himself to persuading before the judge that his client had complied with all the restrictions previously imposed.

This situation led Judge Jorge Chávez Tamariz, after listening to all the parties, to report that he had sufficient elements to make a decision, which was initially scheduled for this Thursday. After this, the magistrate suspended the session for three hours.

“I consider that I am in a sufficient space to carry out an analysis and the decisive statement takes it at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, at that time all present to issue the statement,” he said at the end of the hearing.

During the reading the Judge the judge stated that there are elements of conviction of the responsibility of the former mayor in the crimes that are imputed to her, as well as danger of flight. At the end of his rationale and the audience, at 3:51 in the afternoon, Villarán said goodbye smiling and followed the National Police. With you the transmission of the audience courtesy of Justicia TV.

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