Speech by the students “Legionarios Ciencianos”

Estudiantes Legionarios Ciencianos Discurso

Brilliant speech on the part of the students “Legionarios Ciencianos”, who thrilled their audience with great scenic mastery, in a speech commemorating the 194 years of republican life of the Glorious National School of Sciences of Cusco; ceremony that was officiated in the frontis of the mentioned school and that counted with the participation of authorities, teachers, students and the general public. On the website www.gloriosociencias.com, they wrote a note congratulating the speech with the following words:

Estudiantes Legionarios Ciencianos 2019 is a group of students of the Science School, who, in a ceremony by the Republican Foundation of the Glorious National College of Sciences, on July 8, spoke at the frontis of our beloved school, in front of the audience that listened to such an honorable gift for our institution. In the speech, students of all ages showed up, who captivated the audience with their mastery of the scene and with the beautiful words that demonstrate the pride of being part of this great educational institution, emblematic for our Cusco and our Peru.

They commented on the history of our school, from its beginnings in the viceroyalty to the republican foundation, talking about important passages of the history of our school, which is the history of Peru itself. A speech without doubt that deserves to be heard by all the citizens of Cusco and Peru; Therefore, please, if you are a scientist of heart, share this note so that everyone knows a little more about our beloved Glorious National School of Sciences of Cusco.


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