CUSCO | Municipality of San Sebastián performs operations to furniture stores

Operativo a mueblerías de San Sebastian

The Management of Economic Development of the District Municipality of San Sebastian, carried out an unexpected operation in the avenue of Culture, to the furniture stores that invade public spaces such as sidewalks, spaces that must be kept free for the circulation of the passers-by of the district ; for this reason, with the presence of the Economic Development Manager of the District Municipality of San Sebastián, engineer Ilbert Lopez Caballero, the seizure of elements that the merchants had placed outside their commercial premises was made, hindering the passage of passers-by, such as merchandise (furniture), affecting order, decoration and free transit.

The municipal authority says that it was permanently notifying the merchants so that they comply with stop blocking the roads; However, the merchants did not comply with the press releases, so this action was taken by the authorities. In a video posted on social networks, merchants are shown that support the measure taken by the referred district municipality, and ask that they continue carrying this type of operations to maintain order in the district.

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