CUSCO | Citizen complaint against E.T. Señor del Cabildo

Aurelio Mendoza Pareja atropellado por e t señor del cabildo

A strong citizen complaint, by a Facebook user, who makes public knowledge that Mr. Aurelio Mendoza Pareja was hit yesterday by a bad driver of the transport company Señor del Cabildo. From here we demand that the National Police, look for, if there is the possibility, the security camera recordings; and, a call to the population, if someone managed to identify the vehicle, inform the complainant.

This is the complaint:

Gentlemen of the Cusco News Group, good night. Through its prestigious I 
make a call to all the passengers who were with my father in the accident 
that produced the E. T. Cabildo with Tupac Amaru, all for running around, 
yesterday at the height of Huayruropata, averaging 18:45 sure many of you 
took a picture of the license plate of this vehicle that abandonment and 
was not responsible for the multiple bruises he suffered my father. 

My father's name is Aurelio Mendoza Pareja, he is very delicate of health 
product of this irresponsible driver of the Cabildo. The PNP and the 
Prosecutor's Office have asked us for the license plate of this vehicle to 
find this unfortunate that caused blows to many parts of the body product 
of his bad maneuver behind the wheel. Please if you have it send it as 
commentary to this same medium or to cell number 982 386 768 

I wish the complainant, could specify, at what height of huayruropata and that the avenue crosses several blocks, to look for security cameras in the area, and thus, to be able to find the person responsible for such an unfortunate accident, and get a penalty against the irresponsible . Make a call to the people who were inside this vehicle: they cannot allow such a crime to go unpunished, make the complaint or contact the complainant at the indicated number (982 386 768). Thank you.

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