A police intervention in Sicuani (Cusco – Peru) would have been unauthorized

Coronel de la policía PEDRO AGUSTÍN VARGAS CHICÓN desautoriza intervención

A terrible example for citizens is given by a press man, who filmed himself admitting a lack of traffic, to mention just one of the offenses committed. The video has been published by the Cusco News portal, in it you can listen to what would be the radio announcer Lucho Mamani Huillca along with another Radio Pachatusan worker, who were “correctly” intervened by a police officer, because his vehicle (a linear motorcycle without a plate) was without documents (as admitted by the same press man).

Although the work of the press is true, it is one of those that has been excepted by the state of emergency, and they can continue to carry out their work, the truth is that no citizen can operate a motor vehicle without the required documentation. In the video, the journalist is heard “admitting” that his vehicle is undocumented, so the intervention was correct, since he did not have a license plate, ownership card and SOAT (compulsory insurance against traffic accidents).

As reported by the Cusco News portal: “… they refused to deliver the Property Card, vehicle SOAT, Driver’s License and Request for a Special Transit Permit to circulate in this State of Emergency. They also did not deliver the journalist or announcer card, they simply gave their ID. The vehicle, lacking the documentation, had to be interned in the police station to proceed with the provisions and with greater reason to verify if this vehicle could be stolen or damaged. ”

In the video that is already on social networks, the person who speaks, in addition to admitting a lack of traffic, accuses the police force of lack of criteria for enforcing the current rules trying to intimidate. However, it indicates the following: “… well, I am going to talk to the colonel, are we leaving Arturo? … – we have already talked (they indicate) – and what does he say? – I’m going to call him right now… ”. According to the Cusco Noticias portal, he would refer to Colonel Pedro Agustín Vargas, head of the Sicuani Police Division; In addition, at the height of its actions, it indicates “… Colonel Vargas is calling you sir …”.

This press man, instead of asking for the “understanding” of the police, and getting favors from an officer, who disavowed this courageous cash, should “set an example” for the population by acting correctly under current regulations. We hope that this fact will be investigated, so we call on the relevant authorities.

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