What is happening with the Venezuelans in Peru?

Venezolanos vendiendo arepa en Perú

In the same proportion as the number of Venezuelan citizens in Peru increases, so does the discourteous and belligerent treatment of many of them towards the Peruvians. One day we see in the news abuses committed by serenazgo personnel, from some districts of Lima, who mistreat (even) physically Peruvians. The next day the comedian Carlos Álvarez comes out to condemn these acts in a video that went viral on social networks. Today we find on Facebook, circulating, a video that shows a man of the press, of a digital media from Ayacucho, who was threatened, supposedly by a yellow man and envious, and who is threatened by a Venezuelan citizen and holds him responsible for “whatever happens to him. “, In evident threat against life, body and health, in a call in which they practically warn of attacking him” for his statements “, in open attack against freedom of expression.

I do not know how the laws are in Venezuela, but, here in Peru, the Penal Code is clear in its article 151, it deals with “coercion” as a crime, with a prison sentence of three years, to the people who : “… through threat or violence, forces another to do what the law does not command or prevents him from doing what she does not forbid …”; and as in this case, through threats, it pretends that a man in the press stops reporting, or simply stops “expressing his free thought” (something that the law does not prohibit), the crime of “coercion” is clearly being constituted, What this Venezuelan citizen should be put at the disposal of the Public Ministry. Again, I do not know how the laws are in Venezuela, which is totally irrelevant, because, in this country, the right to free expression is enshrined – so this makes you an “envious” (in the words of the Venezuelan) – in Peru , one of the most sacred liberties is that enshrined in article 2 of our constitution in number 4, “Everyone has the right to freedom of information, opinion, expression and dissemination of thought through oral or written word or image by any means of social communication … “also remember that in addition to the crime of coercion, the constitution provides in the same article that” … it is a crime any action that prevents the freedom of movement of an organ of expression … “. These are rights that we have earned and which we have protected for generations despite the dictatorships that we have lived, and I believe that no one in this country intends to lose these rights in the hands of foreigners. I will leave the video at the end of this text and after a final reflection so that everything we express today is understood.

It is not understood by this text, that there is any xenophobia with the good Venezuelan citizens who have come to this country and have found open arms and have responded with the respect that has been granted them. But let those few Venezuelans understand that they have come to demand privileges that do not correspond to anyone here, that they are a “minority” that has been accepted here, because of the kind and industrious tradition that all Peruvians enjoy; but, do not confuse such kindness with cowardice, let alone submission of any kind, before the blackmail or misdemeanors of a certain group of citizens of other nationalities. These acts will only contribute to that, those of us who have always shown ourselves as friends, let us look with reluctance, your presence here, in our country; and, remember that last, this is “our country” – of us Peruvians – in which, we have welcomed them as guests, and in the end we can desist from the welcome.

I am addressing the bad Venezuelans, so that they desist from detrimental and harmful actions for this great country, which, of course, has shortcomings, maybe it is not a modern country and maybe a lot of work is done here, but we have forged it and so we love.

I address the good Venezuelans, to reiterate that there are no xenophobic sentiments in my written words, but that they are only the free emanation of my impotence when witnessing malignant acts on the part of your bad compatriots. Also to congratulate them and ask them to continue collaborating with making this country great that today shakes hands.

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