Wasn’t there another way?

soldados usando mandiles rosados, mandil igual mujer

It’s necessary to be an idiot in advanced degree to believe that to dress with apron to a (Peruvians) soldiers is a campaign finding for equality, for two simple reasons: first, is that, to dress a soldier with an apron is how (or to represent) to send the war to a soldier with a frying pan in his hand and to sully the uniform (not for the femininity, but for the frying pan); second, because they propose that the apron (pink and kitchen’s) is the maximum way to represent women. For me, both are equally insulting; but, I find it worse to see so much pseudo-intellectual supporting this idiotic campaign that leads to nothing, but to be an aberrant mockery and a way to increase misogyny.

Wasn’t there another way to represent equality? Would not it be better to have campaigned (if you wanted to use the armed forces whimsically) praising the work of the brave women who serve in our armed forces, which by the way is not Do they wear an apron, but a uniform and a rifle to ensure national sovereignty? Did you have to denigrate the woman as a servant cook? Was it necessary to see that an apron represented, not equality, but the same laya of secular servitude of a macho country? Did you have to stain the uniform of our army? Peruvian to show that politicians are nothing but misogynists, fascists, classists (white), racists (white), and perverts of any symbol that still remains as a symbol of nationality?

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