Go out and buy everything! The calm of COVID-19 is approaching

Desabastecimiento a causa del coronavirus COVID-19

Everyone must go shopping and it is urgent in Peru. The first thing to buy are epidemiology magazines, some serious newspapers, and many books on economics and history. It wouldn’t hurt, too, for a book on statistics out there; Well, it has been shown once again that this … the great country of poor reading, the country of half a book per year per capita, the country in which higher institutes give away technical degrees just for paying and sometimes not even attending; this country has shown that ignorance is fabulous for industries and businesses, it has once again proved to be a country, unfortunately, full of ignorant, selfish people and uncontrolled timidity.

The Peruvian not only reads: complete lies, half-truths and myths without foundation on social networks; but also acts out of fear and without thinking about the consequences. There is no difference between a man of the Middle Ages who feared darkness and lightning, invented gods to explain natural phenomena and a Peruvian of the 21st century.

Why stock up during a pandemic?

In order not to make it long, I will summarize things like this:

  • It makes no sense to go out and buy food during a pandemic, because the pandemic is a spread of a disease by several countries, it does not affect factories or natural resources. In a few words, COVID-19 will not infect rice, beans, potatoes, cows, chickens, much less trees, whose bark is made of papers such as toilet paper. This behavior makes more sense during a cataclysm, as factories and roads are destroyed, leaving entire cities isolated, and food and water shortages are expected.
  • Going out shopping in a compulsive and excessive way only raises prices. The demand curve is directly proportional, if demand goes up, the price goes up. I am not going to stop to teach economics; However, it is a basic theory, if everyone goes out to buy and the products run out, the price goes up. Currently the package of “toilet paper” that two or three days ago was $ 4, now it costs $ 5,50.
  • Yes, there will be shortages, but thanks to the self-fulfilling prophecy and not to the COVID-19 coronavirus. This is another economic theory and I will explain it as for a 7 year old.

Self-fulfilling prophecy

If tomorrow someone comes out to say that “a X bank” is going to fail, all the residents (panicked) will go to withdraw their money, leaving the bank without capital to do business, which will cause the bank to fail that morning. had no chance of bankruptcy. The self-fulfilling prophecy will work this way: All the ignorant people who fear myths went out to buy everything they could from supermarkets, which has generated a rise in prices and a shortage of these shops; and, since the industry has not suffered any negative impact, these consumer goods (rice, toilet paper, milk, toilet paper, hand soap, toilet paper, water and more toilet paper) could be “easily” replaced in a few days, However, this will not be the case, since the owners of the industries, when they see the shortages, will raise the prices, causing the shops to buy, but hide the products to push the demand curve further until the price rises more and only then begin to sell.

They are just business

They are just businesses, the industrialists will say: “I will sell more expensive because there are no products”, the merchants will say: “As I bought expensive, I will hide the products and when the price is high enough I will start selling”. This situation is a self-fulfilling prophecy; a mob of irrationals thought there will be a shortage, causing an “artificial” shortage and a rise in prices. Then these genius will say “how good I got myself before”, when they were the ones who pushed the market forces to this situation to the detriment of the “neighbor”.

What we should know about the coronavirus COVID-19

We must know that the coronavirus COVID-19 is a disease with a very low mortality rate. The average mortality rate observed in the cases of China is 2%, while the WHO declares that the death rate of the coronavirus COVID-19 is 1% or less, since outside China the “observed” rate was 0.7 %, so the COVID-19 coronavirus is lethal depending on external factors such as the age and diet of people, generally the victims of the COVID-19 coronavirus are elderly and people with a low level of nutrition, cardiovascular problems and other pre-existing diseases .

According to the Association of Foreign Health Doctors of Spain, Dengue has a mortality rate of 2.5% of cases, while according to the WHO the mortality rate of COVID-19 is 0.7%. We are seeing that the death rate from coronavirus COVID-19 is less than what we are used to in this country without mentioning the small number of confirmed cases. You have to know that all over the world there are cases that people who never went to a hospital and were simply healed.

The truth is that, since we live in a country with more serious illiteracy rates than that of the COVID-19 coronavirus, it is possible to understand this behavior of wanting to seek safety in excessive consumption. The Peruvian authorities have done their best to control progress by suspending the work of students from schools and now from universities and institutes.

You didn’t have to buy as much toilet paper to feel safe from an outbreak of a disease that’s as deadly as the flu and less deadly than the dengue we live with each year in Peru. It was enough to realize that you did not read or understand the title of this column. Peace is a state of calm and calm.

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