David Dumet and suitability in the public service

It is very clear that it is not enough to have knowledge to succeed in life; it is clear, too, that knowledge is not enough [only] to be the best and most suitable for a position; so, I will directly put an example as an allegory [without having the purpose of implying that the person I speak of is a criminal] so that it is clear what I mean. If a company wishes to hire an official for a significant position, in which it will have access to the company’s portfolio and classified information and also must deal with the company’s clients; a postulant will never be hired [even if he has taken the highest grade] if this applicant has evident signs of having a character that becomes unmanageable, or you have conflicts that may be harmful, or simply if he shows improper behavior for the position; much worse it will be if said postulant may have had delinquent behaviors [again I repeat that it is only an example and I do not want to equate it with reality]; I therefore take this comparison to the extreme so that we realize that a simple examination of knowledge should not be the only requirement to grant a person a significant position.

Captura de pantalla de Twitt de David Dumet
Screenshot of David Dumet’s Twitt.

I refer obviously to the case of Mr. David Dumet Delfin, who has tightened the newspapers and social networks with a behavior that we would expect from a member of the lumpen, and not, a law student. Many people who defend their freedom of expression refer directly to the Constitution; however, it says “as long as it does not offend morals”; In short, it does not seem like a very moral act to tell a doctor that she needs an enema, because her body and soul are full of crap, or she tells a prosecutor that she is an orate, among the many insults that right and left. sinister to uttered against anyone who does not dare to think like him, as if he were a criminal offender, uttering qualifiers regardless of gender or condition.

It is clear, seeing so unpleasant behavior, that it is not enough to get good grades to be suitable for a position, but hey, if the requirements are set in that sense, I do not know how the National Board of Justice (JNJ) will end with a subject from that laya. It is also clear that the mona, although she dresses in silk, and even if she studies a doctorate, mona remains; Maybe that behavior accompanies him from the cradle and in that area we can not enter. I suspect that Mr. David Dumet knows that he is not suitable for this position, which is why now his Twitter account with all his slander [sorry with all his history of twitts] no longer exists, because if freedom of expression was what I would have left as is.

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