Chileans not only use the name “Cusqueño”, but also on their website they refer to more Peruvian cultural elements

We do not know what they are waiting for in the Foreign Ministry and the rest of the Peruvian authorities, including the regional president of Cusco, Jean Paul Benavente, regarding the case of “Cusqueño Sour”, an imitation of Pisco Sour, which would not only be against the denomination of Origin of Pisco, but also would be taking advantage of the people of Cusco to sell their pisco sour imitation, not only in Peru and Chile, but also to export to European countries. It is inconceivable that Chilean companies are used to doing what they want with the denominations of Peruvian products; so that, in addition, now they give him as a name the name of Peruvian cities to his products; so, it would only be necessary to get an imitation pisco, called Machu Picchu. Seeing the inaction of our authorities this could happen at any time.

The company Luksic of Chile, also has the nerve to create an official website [protected by copyright] for its product, which takes advantage of the name of Cusco, which not only refer to the broken grape grown in Ica, they also present the Nasca lines, and ending the self-confidence, they put on their website, recipes from Cebiche and Causa Limeña. Virtually on their website with the name of Cusqueño Sour, they take over the entire Peruvian culture to present a product “made in Chile”. Where are our authorities? Where is the regional president of Cusco?, Who a few weeks ago was approving questioned ordinances. What happened to the chancellery? What does Indecopi say? Apparently our authorities prefer to look the other way when it comes to Chileans, while foreigners seize our distinctive signs and our demonym.

It seems that it is time for us all to come together and in an orderly manner we gather at the front of the buildings of our authorities to demand a concrete and immediate action. This is no longer just a matter of the people of Cusco, here it is being attempted against all our Peruvian bread culture to make a sort of ill-gotten marketing to a Chilean company and a Chilean product.

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