Know the 5 steps to reach the end of the month without problems

5 pasos para llegar a fin de mes sin problemas

Many of us receive a bonus or monthly payment for the services we perform and after that we make a budget on fixed expenses to be paid monthly, but have you ever thought about what is the money going? Why do we get to the fair at the end of the month?

Thinking about it, BBVA has created some tips on how to reach the end of the month without problems.

  1. Eliminate Debts: Your debts should not exceed 30% of your income.
  2. Set Objectives: Do you need a new car? Do you want to change or remodel your home?
  3. Analyze your expenses and income: Your fixed expenses should be higher than the variable expenses.
  4. Save: It is not necessary to go out every weekend or eat out every day.
  5. Invest: Focus on multiplying your money without having large losses..

Some additional tips:

The 7 + 1 system will allow you to separate your money and allocate it in specific areas.

  • Education
  • Investments
  • Monthly commitments
  • Fun
  • Donations
  • Special projects
  • Emergency money
  • And +1 are taxes


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