Italian billionaire made 100 million in one day thanks to the COVID-19 coronavirus

Empresario gana 100 millones gracia a coronavirus covid-19

While the whole world is on alert for the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, it is difficult to imagine that there are people for whom this situation is very favorable in some way; However, this is currently happening, not only are there people who lose nothing with the panic caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, but they are also winning like never before. Just think of the companies that make alcohol gel for hands (“essential” product to avoid contagion with COVID-19 coronavirus); companies that have not only increased their sales, but also have much higher profit margins since the prices of their products have doubled and even tripled.

We can also think of the owners of stores selling basic necessities (food and water) who have seen their stores without merchandise, due to the large number of sales caused by the coronavirus pandemic, as people begin to stock up on food as if a war were to come.

empresario gana $ 100 millones en un día gracias a coronavirus COVID-19 Forbes

However, one of the most outstanding cases, which has even been published in Forbes magazine, is that of Gustavo Denegri, an Italian billionaire, and majority shareholder of the company DiaSorin, who, thanks to the COVID-19 coronavirus, has increased his fortune in no less than 100 million US dollars, an increase that, incredible as it may seem, occurred in just one day. The story is the following.

DiaSorin is a biotechnology company controlled by businessman Gustavo Denegri, this company announced on Tuesday that it had completed medical studies for a new rapid test kit for the COVID-19 coronavirus . Recall that the time required for detection of the COVID-19 coronavirus in a patient took between seven and eight hours; Now, with this new Quick Test Kit, time is reduced to just one hour.

In Forbes magazine it was published that: The firm’s stock soared by 18% to $135 per share after the announcement, eventually closing at roughly 3% higher than Monday. Denegri, who owns 45% of the northern Italy firm, saw a nearly $100 million bump to his $3.2 billion fortune.

From what we understand that businessman Gustavo Denegri earned almost $ 100 million in just a few hours. Until the closing of the stock exchange.

This situation occurs in the framework in which the authorities in Italy have been on red alert since Monday to control the outbreak of the virus, which has already infected 9,172 people and caused 463 deaths in Italy, which now becomes the country with highest number of deaths from COVID-19 coronavirus outside China.

If you want to read the full article from Forbes magazine: clic here please.

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