Young Peruvian is thrown from a bridge in Colombia

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The case of Silvano Oblitas Cántaro Tolentino has shocked all of Peru, not only because of the cruelty of the crime they committed against him; but also because he was far from his homeland, on a trip of no return that apparently was concocted by his own foreign friends. A few days ago, images and videos that show the terrible last moments of his life went viral on all social networks and especially on TikTok.

Silvano Oblitas Cántaro Tolentino is a Huanuqueño citizen, who was thrown from a bridge, apparently, in the department of Antioquia, of the Republic of Colombia. About the location of the bridge, and the location of Silvano Oblitas Cántaro Tolentino, nothing is known yet.

As announced in Noticias Caracol: The Sectional Directorate of Prosecutors of Medellín activated an urgent search mechanism to locate Silvano Oblitas Cántaro Tolentino, the young Peruvian thrown from a bridge, a fact that was made known on social networks.

The facts before the murder of Silvano Cántaro

Silvano Oblitas would have arrived in the municipality of Medellín, on January 25, after being convinced to travel, by whom he thought was a friend. Even before his trip, Silvano was working as a freighter in the Santa Anita wholesale market in Lima, after leaving his studies to help his family.

According to Janet Cántaro Tolentino, who is the sister of the disappeared young man. She lost contact with him on February 10, the date they last communicated via WhatsApp, asking for help, after being scammed by a Colombian named Andrés, with whom she would have traveled to the Municipality of Medellín, to buy merchandise (clothing) to sell in Peru.

After a conversation between the brothers, in which he borrowed money, all communication between them ceased, until five days later, Janet Cántaro, undaunted, watched the video on social networks, which showed how her brother was released from a bridge for a Colombian citizen.

The last messages of Silvano Cántaro with his sister

The conversation that Silvano, whom his sister called Jackiel, and Janet had is the following:

  • Silvano Oblitas: Hello, Yaneth. I’m getting complicated here. Look, make it possible for tomorrow. If you don’t want to work with me, normal, this merchandise will only be mine. Lend me 1500 soles and from there I’ll give you back 2 thousand. I’m wasting time here and if you want to work with me, normal, we divide the profit and we buy both of them again. This is all of the merchandise (sent a photograph).
  • Sister: Don’t you have someone you know?
  • Silvano Oblitas: Now, Yaneth. How do I, I’m docked here. I have no one, otherwise I would not tell you anything. Do your best, please, Yaneth, don’t let it fall. I’m going to go down with everything.
  • Sister: Now who’s going to lend me in this situation, Jack.
silvano oblitas video
silvano cantaro video

What is known about the Colombian named Andrés?

Silvano Oblitas would have met Andrés in the wholesale market where he worked. About the identity of this Colombian citizen, nothing is known yet. Andrés would have convinced Silvano to travel to Colombia to buy merchandise.

Silvano’s sister reportedly contacted him by phone a few days earlier. However, nothing is known about him.

The images that moved all of Peru

The images that are presented have circulated and have been viralized in all social networks, and show the last days that the young Peruvian lived in Colombia.

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