Statement regarding the state of emergency and some recommendations

Pronunciamiento de los Parlamentarios Jóvenes 2019 sobre lo ocurrido en macdonalds pueblo libre

The young parliamentarians 2019 of Peru, according to the facts raised, we issue the following statement:

  1. Above all, we highlight the work and hard work that doctors, biologists, nurses, technologists, etc. are doing, who take turns working 24/7 to rule out, confirm, and attend to the cases of Covid – 19. We know that by Currently there are 86 confirmed cases according to the Minister of Health.
  2. The last week was key to knowing that the situation we are in could have reached a more critical case, and we welcome the measure that has been taken by the Executive to reduce and control cases of covid – 19. However, we also have some clarifications, between yesterday and today there were some irregularities, such as the rise in flight prices and ground tickets, we also know that the precarious situation in which a large part of our population finds itself means that we cannot sit in quarantine in a calm manner .
  3. That the elderly (3.5 million in Peru) are POTENTIAL VICTIMS of Covid – 19 and it is necessary that all citizens, as far as we can, help them, whether on the streets or in the cars and / or markets.
  4. That the pertinent entities FISCALICATE with regulatory measures to LATAM for having quintupled the price of the flights and that it does not seem that they are taking advantage of the situation. Likewise, the land tickets in the terminals that rose from S /. 25 to S /. 150.
  5. According to CPP 93, SOCIAL SECURITY is a right for all Peruvians, however, until yesterday, Minister Carlos Morán was not forceful when asked about the measures that would be taken in mining companies. , alleging that they could continue working, extracting and processing ore if they requested permission from the Ministry of the Interior. In this way, the right to physical integrity and social security is violated.
  6. That, according to the Labor Law, the workers cannot be arbitrarily dismissed, in this way we do not agree with the DISMISSALS to the young people of the Cineplanet entertainment chain. They work humbly because they need it in order to survive.
  7. That, according to what is declared to the media, the LOANS made with which there is a corresponding payment date, letters and others, will continue to maintain the date of payments, which the same banks will allow subsidies, extensions, etc., will maintain the interests which will harm many Peruvians who will have to take the appropriate measures to prioritize these payments, leaving aside the state of need in which the population finds itself, given the purchase of basic necessity products and prioritizing the safeguarding and understanding of the same, generating discomfort and greater concern for citizens.
  8. That, according to the total isolation, and domiciliary protection by the State of Emergency dictated by the President of the Republic, and the many alarming figures in our country in FAMILY VIOLENCE and against women, it has been foreseen that this would lead to I confine myself in a limited space with the aggressor, that is, these preventive measures also incur a risk to the victims, for which reason, we insist that the pertinent authorities be alert to the help lines (line 100) and to the alert of some transferred to the refuge homes of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, in order not to neglect any aspect that also afflicts our country such as violence itself.
  9. That, also in accordance with the ills afflicting the country such as EL DENGUE, the pertinent medical aid and assistance be requested from the affected places, given that there is almost the exact same number of deaths with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and There are several citizens who suffer from this disease and the media have not given them the necessary importance for this new outbreak of the disease, therefore, we also urge the Minister of Health to be present with these cases and provide the necessary help to control of it.
  10. That, at 12:35 pm today, in full message to the Nation of the President, it is welcomed that the President has announced a BONUS OF S /. 380 for the vulnerable population that has a daily job and is affected in their economic income for the 15 days of quarantine period.
  11. That, in accordance with the cases of attacks by the residents and especially the CHILDREN CONTAMINATED BY THE HEAVY METALS OF WHICH THEY ARE VICTIMS, from the mining company Volcán, such as lead, arsenic and cadmium in the blood; the MINSA authorities, provide comprehensive treatment and not only promote the care and protection of the new outbreak of Coronavirus, since they being affected in this way are also susceptible to being able to contract said disease.

The young parliamentarians who subscribe to this pronouncement have been puzzled by the events that have occurred affecting the population, generating a situation of benefit for both entities and people who are not aware of the health situation that Peru faces today. The State of Emergency given by our President of the Republic, on March 15, 2020, has been in order to ensure the health of citizens and raise awareness of it. We request the supervision of corresponding entities in order to safeguard the situation and interests that our country faces, and not allow the excessive increase in prices in both food and transportation; call for calm to the population and above all, take all necessary measures, full medical attention and the corresponding home shelter in order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus called Covid-19.


Noelia Danitza Rivas Lozano – Junín

Adecita De Jesús Mosqueira Grosso – Cajamarca

Lia Zevallos Malásquez  – Lima Provincias

Marianela Nelly Quispe Cutimbo – Moquegua

Kiara Vargas Durand – Región Callao

Shouny Duma Valenzuela Aguirre – Cusco

Dina Yaneth Rosales Izquierdo – Lima Metropolitana

Diana Pérez Mondragón- Piura

Alejandra Garcia Oviedo – Lima

Ivette Mendoza Hurtado – Lima Metropolitana

Maria Claudia Campos Rosas – Ica

Giselle Maurial Murillo – Lima

Fiorella Raquel Albujar Tineo – Lima

Claudia María Muñoz- Lima

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