iOS 13 and its new custom Emoji

We already have iOS 13, which has brought good things and better things. Next, we will review the main features of iOS 13 that have been added in this new version of the famous operating system for Apple’s mobile phones, which has come out in unison with the new iPhone 11 and is already beginning to cause the first impressions on the millions of users of this technology.

Dark mode on iOS 13 for more comfortable use in low light

This is a change that was already necessary, and that many applications like Twitter are adopting. Now you can configure iPhone to display in dark tones thus avoiding excessive eyestrain in low light conditions, in which you do not need very bright colors or tones. It is worth mentioning that the night mode is not equivalent to diminishing the brightness of the iPhone screen, but rather it is a new “look” of the interface in which many colors and tone are changed, for example, white or gray by black . Which in theory should be much better in low light conditions. To show a button, I leave the screenshot of messages and settings in normal mode and in dark mode, so that they compare, in addition, if you do not know how to configure dark mode you can ask Siri to do it for you. To configure dark mode go to Settings> Display and brightness and you can switch between light, dark and automatic.

New view of images with “best moments by day, month and year”

A new tab called “Photos” has been added to the image gallery in which the photos taken with the iPhone camera are displayed in order and can be organized by day month and year. Along with this change comes advanced video editing options and improvements in the camera software, unfortunately it seems to me that these improvements are only available for the iPhone 11 with its three rear cameras, since in my iPhone 8 they are not available.

360° Maps on iOS

The maps are also evolving, now they have 360 ​​° technology and it seems that they are beginning to build a kind of Street View in iOS, in addition to that they are beginning to label shops and others, such as the Google map.

Memoji and messages

Now you can create an avatar with your own characteristics which you can use as your Emoji, these are available as Stickers on WhatsApp and as photos on Facebook Messenger, and you can use them freely is its different facets, such as wink, finger up, kiss, etc. , you can also reissue them as many times as you want.

How to switch to automatic screen brightness on iOS 13?

One of the things that always changes in iOS is where the iPhone’s automatic screen brightness setting is located; And, this time is no exception, so here it goes.

To change the automatic screen brightness on iOS 13 you must follow the steps below: Settings > Accessibility > Display and text size > Automatic brightness.

It is something that always changes in all versions of iOS so we include it in this little summary. In the coming weeks we will continue testing iOS 13 to be able to make a more extensive review.

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