Five patients were reinfected with Coronavirus in Cusco – Peru

reinfeccion de coronavirus en Cusco

Five cases of people who have been reinfected with SARS-CoV-2 have been detected after they have recovered and healed from the disease, which has alerted the authorities in Cusco, since it is not known if it is the same virus or if it is It is about a variant of COVID-19 that has arrived from another country, or if it has mutated here. However, the Regional Health Management (Geresa) has already confirmed the five cases of recontagion.

The same Regional Management of Saul communicated:

“We are all susceptible to reinfection. There are people who trust themselves and think that they will not contract the disease again. In our region there are five patients who are experiencing this reinfection ”, confirmed Javier Ramírez, head of Health Intelligence (Geresa).

Those cases are fortunately mild. “They have evolved again in a favorable way. They have not been moderate or serious cases. They are mild. That is good, ”said Ramírez.

Each one tested positive for COVID-19 again. They were isolated and followed up in their respective homes, precisely because their health was stable, and now they have been discharged.

The age of those reinfected ranges between 30 and 60 years. “They are people who fell ill in August or September of last year. On average, five months ago they have been infected and have presented the symptoms again, ”Ramírez noted.

The official said that these five have been classified as “possible cases of reinfection” because it is not known if it is the same virus or is a variant. “Suddenly it’s a new variant”

Regional Health Management

In a scenario of increasing coronavirus infections, the authorities are making efforts to send samples of the virus to carry out virus sequencing work; thus, the appearance of new variants of SARS-CoV-2 in the imperial city has been ruled out.

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