Alert! Murderer loose in Cusco

Identikit de supuesto asesino de adolescente descuartizada en Cusco

On June 3, a little over a month ago, in Sacsayhuaman – Cusco; an appalling find was made: The mutilated human remains of, which, apparently, would be a woman between 20 to 25 years old. The police initiated investigations; that same day, more than 40 police officers combed the area; photos were published with the remains of clothes, of which he would be the victim, of which only the legs and pelvic area appeared; in the hope of finding someone you know or someone who knows whose it might be. The clothes found were bloody and denoted a dreadful and uncharacteristic death.

A little more than a month ago, in all the social networks, these images, posts, journalistic notes circulated and even a psychic went to elaborate an identikit of the supposed murderer whom the police are looking for; however, there is still no news from the police about the identity of the victim; hence, much less about the killer’s identity. With this there is only one logical consequence: the murderer is aware of the news and enjoys absolute freedom and anonymity, he could even be reading this note, at this moment, just like you.

Nota de alerta Adolescente descuartizada en Cusco

The impossibility of identifying the deceased girl makes us think that this person (the victim) had to come from outside of Cusco, which would be the reason why she is not in the registry of missing persons and why no one recognizes the clothes in Cusco It can also be inferred from the clothes she wore, that she was a woman from the countryside and from a high area, because those vests wear them in an area where it is cold. This last observation is important, because the images of social networks can not reach a place where there are no computers. Possibly this woman left her place of origin to look for a job away, which is why they still would not be looking for her, possibly from a broken home or with too many siblings.

These meditations help us understand who the missing person might be; However, at this point the most important thing would be to understand, Who is the murderer?

We can think that it is a male, at least the probability that it is male is huge, since about 95% of murderers are male, according to the BBC report. The victim must have known him or been kidnapped by more than one person, or deceived only by one person.

The fact that the victim was dismembered and his legs cut off tells us that the murderer is a psychopath, someone who surely acted without the least human empathy, with an absolute dissociation of emotions, a fundamental feature of psychopaths.

I can not avoid closing my eyes and trying to imagine the scene. Try to imagine myself being that woman, held back by a much stronger person, struggling to breathe while I feel the sharp blade of the knife. That leaf that with a strong pain would make its way through my throat, while I try to scream; useless act with the throat already destroyed. Feel the warm blood go down my chest and remember my family, silently asking for help. Having crossed a hell, maybe several days or weeks of sexual abuse to finally feel that my body collapses on the floor due to lack of strength; and, to observe for the last time my killer and to know that, nobody can tell him who he is, or what happened.

We must keep in mind that, if it is a psychopath, and, if it is in Cusco (it is a possibility), there is a high probability that this subject will attack again at some point. The psychopaths are once again attacking and perfecting their methods using the “modus operandi” that helps them elude the police.

La captura de los “Monstruos de Quillahuata”, hace unos días, cuando habían raptado y abusaban sexualmente de una menor de quince años en Cusco, no hace más que demostrar que el peligro convive en casa.

It will be important for young women to be careful and distrustful of any new person, or who they are just getting to know.

To take into account, a psychopath does not look like an assassin should be seen, that is, does not produce fear at first sight. Generally they are pleasant people and they even look trustworthy; so, if we remember the story of Ted Bundy, a serial killer in the United States, who was an exemplary father, went to church every Sunday and when the police came to his house to arrest him on suspicion of murder, all his The community defended him, because they considered him a man incapable of murder, he was a model citizen; a model citizen who ended up confessing the murder of 30 women and sentenced to the electric chair.

I do not believe in psychics or psychics, so, I do not think of the identikit that one, of the supposed murderer. I prefer to believe in the power of the mind and social networks to help the police to shed some light in the gloom of this murder, before it happens again. We can for example share these images with acquaintances who live in different places to know, for example, where they sell jeans from that brand of the photo; Well, I do not think they are very common. If we find the origin of the clothes we can know perhaps where this girl was coming from and if we find the relatives we can know where she was going and with whom.

It will be important to share this article, or any other, about the murder of that poor girl, not because of morbidity, but because it is important to find someone to tell us who was wearing those clothes.

For now close doors and windows because there is a murderer loose in Cusco and could be by your side at this time.

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