Sergio Ramirez | The incredible story of the YouTuber without videos and more than 120 thousand subscribers

Cuenta de youtube de Sergio Ramirez cuernavaca

The story is real; there is a personal channel on behalf of Sergio Ramirez on YouTube, which does not have a single video uploaded; in fact, it doesn’t have any information about the channel, it doesn’t have a theme, or anything; and, nevertheless, it already has more than 120 thousand subscribers, and every second it is going up, an average of 4 subscribers per second.

If this data does not impress you, you may need to know that the most successful Peruvian channel has around 10 million subscribers and the tenth most successful around one million subscribers; There are, then, YouTubers who upload videos on different topics for years and only have a few thousand subscribers. Many channels to reach that amazing number of subscribers must have really viral videos. So, because a YouTube user without videos, without thematic, or photos, or anything, has more than 120 thousand subscribers. The story is simply awesome.

Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, is one of the most successful Spanish-speaking YouTubers, if he is not the most successful. It has a channel known as “Luisito Comunica”, and currently has 25.6 million subscribers and uploading. Luis Villar launched a video on his channel, on August 9, 2019, called “Help me find this man”, in which he says that his subscribers sent him a comment from another subscriber, called Sergio Ramirez, in which , at the bottom of the letter, he says “I am 60 years old, I have never got on a plane or left the country. I don’t know the sea either. That is why I like your videos because that is how I travel what I never could”, this comment was put in one of his videos , two months ago. The comment moved the famous YouTuber, who decided that he would take a trip outside the country to see the sea to, apparently, adult subscriber. In the video we discussed and attached below, Luis Villar, called on his subscribers to help find Sergio Ramirez.

The day this video was published, this YouTube subscriber already had 1166 subscribers, who were moved by the utensils he left for Luis Villar. On August 14, 2019, Luisito Comunica, released another video entitled “Too many fake profiles for a free trip”, a video that went viral immediately and obtained in a few hours more than 2.1 million views and more than 38 thousand comments. In this video “Luisito Comunica” indicates that messages are coming from all over the world posing as the subscriber that still does not appear.

The funny thing is that, when making the video, the famous YouTuber said that Sergio Ramirez already had more than 65 thousand subscribers. Immediately the subscriber account began to rise in an incredible way, arriving at this moment to the amazing sum of 114607 subscribers. Only during the time it took us to write this story, Sergio Ramirez’s subscriber account increased by 2330 subscribers. Many YouTubers spend more than a year uploading videos without even reaching a quarter of that (about 500 subscribers). Something without a doubt impressive. As a last curious fact of this story: This YouTube account is already worth a lot, and we talk about money, because with that number of subscribers, if Mr. Sergio Ramirez decides to upload a video, he will start billing a lot of money in YouTube advertising.

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