Live on a plane? How could this be possible

Viviendo en un boeing 727 en Hillsboro oregon

Near the suburb of Hillsboro in Portland, Oregon in the United States, you can see a Boeing 727 plane in perfect condition, leaning on a pile of concrete, so that anyone passing by, could think that it crashed there in the middle of the forest or something like that; However, there is nothing further from reality, this old plane was placed there on purpose, in fact, it was bought by a man to be placed there. Now we will tell you why.

To anyone who looks at it from above or approaches walking it must seem like a strange image. These planes were very popular for three decades, but at the end of the 80’s they began to stop being used, many were dismantled to recycle their parts, many were abandoned or donated to research institutions etc., but only one was bought by a person and taken to a forest.

Boeing 727 en oregon casa

Bruce Campbell, a retired 65-year-old electrical engineer; and, he bought the plane for USD $ 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand US dollars) shortly before it was scheduled to be “boned,” and then moved it to a land he bought in 1970. His intention? To live on the plane.

As the Everyday Koala portal explains: “When executed correctly,” Bruce explains, “the extraordinary appeal of a retired passenger plane as a home stems from the magnificent technology and beauty of the carved structure itself. masterful works of aerospace science, and its extraordinary engineering grace does not compare to any other structure that people can live in. They are incredibly strong, durable and long-lived, and easily resist any earthquake or storm. “

As you can see, the engineer really wanted to live on a plane, and since he managed to “take it” to his plot, he has made changes inside to make it a home. Maybe you wonder how it will look inside ?, Here we put some photos of this fabulous home, the strangest in the world.

Bruce Campbell is very fond of having visitors, and he has even invited backpackers and other occasional visitors to his peculiar home who are amazed by the impressive aerospace home enjoyed by this retired engineer. In fact, the plane is a giant toy that keeps it entertained in an exploratory way, says that “it is the perfect toy for a nerd of ancient technology” as he himself states.

As read in the referred portal: When Bruce bought the plane, he tried to keep it as functional as possible, with an important reservation: the aircraft’s engines were removed.

Buying the plane with its engines intact would have made it much, much more expensive, and since Bruce had no intention of moving the plane anymore, once he placed it on his small stretch of land, he decided he could do it without them.

But while the engines are missing, the rest of the aircraft systems are present and fully functional.

Living in a plane has its advantages and challenges. Since the fuselage is pressurized, it does not need almost cleaning inside and no insect can get inside, however, cleaning is a challenge, every two years must carry a high pressure hose for a deep cleaning to prevent lichens and other vegetation from growing in the fuselage of the plane.

But how did he get the plane there?

In 1999, the Greek airline, Olympic Airlines, withdrew its last Boeing 727-200.

Bruce knew that this was the airplane model he wanted, and he had been scouring the international market looking for a retired plane for several years at that time.

With the help of a salvage company, Bruce bought the plane, flew it from Athens, Greece, to Portland, and began the process of dismantling it and transporting it to its forest area.

Limpiando casa avión Boeing 727 en oregon

How much did the plane really cost?

Citing the previous portal: “Bruce had bought the plane for $ 100,000, but that was before he had to transport it, dismantle it and work to rewire it and restore it after the salvage company destroyed it for whatever they considered valuable.

By the end of the process, Bruce had spent more than $ 220,000 of his hard-earned money on the plane, but in the end he could not be happier with his decision.

After the salvage company had gone through Bruce’s plane, he did not have much left to work with.

When they were finished, even the plane’s carpet had disappeared, leaving the plexiglass floor of the plane exposed, allowing visitors to look down into the plane’s hold.

Many of the bulkheads and panels were gone as well, and ultimately, this meant that Bruce would spend the next few years looking for spare parts, or making his own. “

Comprar un avión boing 727 oregon estados unidos

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