Disney Plus (Disney +) shakes Netflix’s reign

Disney plus o Disney + en el Heraldo de Cusco Noticias

Disney has evolved, diversified and adapted to this new era; Disney has done what it should have done not only to survive but also to reign in this new world of silicon. Disney has created Disney Plus (Disney +) and after its presentation on April 11 it has threatened to become the largest streaming TV platform in the world, surpassing even the – until today – undisputed king of streaming, Netflix. Disney Plus will make its official debut in the United States on November 12, 2019. Next, we will explain the reasons why this platform intends to be the number one in the world, in addition to greatly threatening Netflix, occupying the largest quotas of the global market of streaming fans.

What can we expect from Disney Plus?

los Simpsons en Disney +
Los Simpsons en Disney +

When we say that it threatens to become the number one in the world in the field of streaming we do not say it because of the volume of series and films; because, it is estimated that Disney + will feature in its premiere with approximately 7,000 episodes of television series and between 400 and 500 films; however, this is only 16% of what Netflix offers in series, and in a matter of movies Netflix’s library is eight times larger. But as we said, it is not about the volume but about “the contents”; since, Disney + owns Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic, ESPN, Fox (hence, The Simpsons) and other important firms. Now imagine that just now, three or four weeks after the premiere of Avenger: EndGame, you can watch the movie on your television in 4k with Dolby Digital Surround sound, without having to pay or download the movie illegally recorded from the cinema, would not it be fantastic ?, we just refer to those “strategic” contents that can make Disney Plus the favorite of the world’s streaming consumers. In Disney Plus you will be able to see films and series of premiere of the aforementioned brands.

Disney Plus price and other details

One of the main searches at this time in search engines is the price of Disney Plus; So, straight to the point: Disney Plus will cost US $ 7.00 (seven dollars) per month, to access its extensive catalog of movies and series. According to the portal cnet.com: “Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, has rated Disney Plus as the company’s top priority, so much so that the company is willing to lose, in 2019, about US $ 150 million in revenue from payments of the licenses that services like Netflix would have given him for series such as Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Iger announced at the end of 2017 that it would cancel its agreement with Netflix for the renewal and future reproduction of these original series in addition to the other titles of Marvel and Star Wars. (Netflix still has limited rights for Jessica Jones and The Punisher). “

Diney Plus Latin America

Nothing indicates for the moment that things are different in Latin America. Apparently the same service and the same prices will be provided, although it seems that there will be series for the Latin market as well. Remember that the Core Business of Disney Plus is family entertainment, it will be a family streaming channel, however, we do not doubt that it will not close the possibility to have other types of content. Now we just have to wait for the debut to be able to hire Disney Plus.

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