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Cineplanet Cusco 2019

August in Cineplanet, brings great premieres, and as always in El Heraldo de Cusco, we refer to Cineplanet Cusco; where you can also see these premieres. In the next few days the following films will be released at Cineplanet Cusco: Once upon a time … in Hollywood, The Bomber, Hell in the Storm, The Night of the Nerds; and for the little ones, Paw Patrol: Migthy Pups.

All these premieres will be on August 15, so here we leave a review of each of these films, as well as the official trailers.

Synopsis of: Once upon a time … in Hollywood

The film focuses on the changing landscape of Hollywood in the late 60s, when the industry began to forget the classic pillars. The star of a western television, Rick Dalton (DiCaprio), tries to adapt to these changes at the same time as his double (Pitt). However, Dalton’s life seems to be linked to his Hollywood roots, since he is a neighbor of actress and model Sharon Tate (Robbie), who ends up being a victim of the Manson family in the August 1969 massacre.

Trailer for: Once upon a time … in Hollywood

Synopsis of: The bombing

An American colonel (Bruce Willis) trains Chinese pilots to fight against the Japanese army. The temperament of some makes his work more complicated than he had anticipated when he was assigned the mission, but he does not lose confidence in the young soldiers assigned to him. Meanwhile, a small group of spies and refugees transport a decoder through devastated rural areas with the hope that it will be the definitive contraption for the fight to end.

Trailer for: The Bombing

Synopsis of: Hell in the Storm

During the fierce attack of a hurricane in Florida, Haley (Kaya Scodelario) ignores evacuation orders and goes to find his missing father (Barry Pepper). Finally he finds him seriously in the basement of his house where both are quickly trapped by the flood. As time shortens and the storm gets stronger, Haley and his father discover that rising water levels are the least of their fears.

Trailer for: Hell in the Storm

Synopsis of: The Night of the Nerds

Two excellent students and great friends, on the eve of their high school graduation, suddenly realize that they could have worked less in class and had more fun. So they decide to do something about it to make up for so much study and so little fun: recover the lost years on a crazy night.

Trailer for: The Night of the Nerds

Synopsis of: Paw Patrol: Migthy Pups

Mayor Humdinger launches one of his boldest plans: to be the first Mayor to step on the moon. With the help of his nephew Harold, he builds a rocket in which he intends to reach the earth’s satellite. But, as always, his plan is going badly and the rocket ends up leaving without him. Along the way, the rocket deflects the path of a meteor, causing it to head towards the earth. Paw Patrol puppies join forces to evacuate the streets and protect the citizens of Adventure Bay. After everyone is in a safe place, the meteor falls to the beach. The puppies and Harold are the first to arrive and when they spot the space rock a great explosion of golden energy reaches them. So they discover that they have super powers: Chase can run super fast, Rocky creates power tools, Skye can fly, Rubble gains super strength, Everest can freeze things, Marshall manages to control the heat and Zuma the water. Together they become the Super Cubs! But they were not the only ones who received meteor powers. Harold realizes that he can build any type of machine with the power of the mind. Upon learning of his nephew’s powers, Mayor Humdinger decides to take over super powers as well. But for that, he needs the meteor’s energy, which is stored in the municipality of Bahía de la Aventura. Mayor Humdinger and his nephew Harold then set out on a mission to steal the meteor, while the Super Cubs need to save the day!

Trailer for: Paw Patrol: Migthy Pups

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