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This is a space for free expression, news, culture, science, art and much more. Every space of human knowledge has a place here. We accept the law to reach you:

ART. 2DO SECTION 3 AND 4 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF PERU The human person has the right to freedom of conscience and religion, individually or in association. There is no persecution because of ideas or beliefs. There is no crime of opinion. The public exercise of all confessions is free, provided that it does not offend morals or alter public order. To the freedoms of information, opinion, expression and dissemination of thought through oral or written word or image, by any means of social communication, without prior authorization or censorship or any impediment, under the responsibilities of law … … Any action that suspends or closes any organ of expression or prevents it from circulating freely is a crime. The rights to inform and opinion include those of founding media.

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